Sinking Deeper

I probably ought to tell you a bit about this novel I keep referring to in my blog entries.

Sinking Deeper is the kind of book that begins with a jail break, moves into an impromptu caber toss and a subsequent dory sinking – and that’s just the first three chapters.

Sinking Deeper tells the story of Roland, a boy growing up in a town that is dying. The tourism is gone. The industry is gone. Even his family is dying. Roland’s mom and dad are divorcing. Roland hits upon the idea that the creation of a sea monster is just what the town of Deeper Harbour needs to be reborn. This is a story about the power and value of the storytelling tradition and how time and change will often wash us out into deeper waters.

In addition, Sinking Deeper has received a four-star “Highly Recommended” review in a recent issue of Canadian Materials magazine (Volume 17, Number 27).

“Whether you read Sinking Deeper as an adventure, a comedy, a story about family and relationships or as a travelogue to a small fishing community inNova Scotia, you will not be disappointed. Steve Vernon is a virtuoso storyteller whose voice takes readers to unforgettable places and introduces them to amazing people.”

 On Library Thing one Canadian librarian has this to say –

This book was a treat to read–funny, poignant and moving. The tone was reminiscent of Brian Doyle’s novels, which I read as a child. Vernon genuinely captured the atmosphere and character of small town life and I cheered for and cried with Roland throughout.

I’ve had four other books released by Nimbus Publishing – three ghost story collections (HauntedHarbours, Wicked Woods and Halifax Haunts) and one children’s picture book (Maritime Monsters). All of these books have sold very well locally, but Sinking Deeper is a book that deserves to be read right across Canada. I hope I am not being too pushy or bold but I am trying to do everything in my power to see that this book gets noticed in other provinces besides my own. Sinking Deeper is a story that needs to be read – by young and old alike – right across Canada.

So buy this book. At $12.95 it isn’t much more than a mall meal – with a whole lot less calories and cholesterol.

Sinking Deeper is available through all library wholesalers – ISBN 978-1-55109-777-0 – cover price $12.95.

If you can’t buy the book then ask for it at your local library.

Read Canada!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

7 responses to “Sinking Deeper

  1. Thanks for telling us about your books, Steve…will watch for your local history titles at our store (local history is pretty much the only exception to our hardcovers-only rule). My friend, Dave Goss, has some Nimbus titles as well.



  2. Andrea Larocque - teacher-librarian

    Hi Steve – we are very excited to see you at the Silver Birch celebration on Friday. Lilly Patrick, will be our student rep she is in Grade 3 but has also read all the Silver Birch books. She will be representing our school, Greenbank. We can’t wait to meet you, the Greenbank & Epsom PS Team


    • Hi Andrea. I am likewise VERY excited to meet your kids. I was fortunate enough to give my writing/storytelling workshop today in the basement of TYPE BOOKSTORE. There were two classes of kids from Grade 5 and Grade 6 – maybe sixty in total – and once again it was a tight, crammed sauna-like room and the kids were absolutely mesmerized. I don’t mean to sound like I am full of myself – but I am VERY excited to be able to share some of my experiences with the kids in Ontario. I am hoping that enough teachers spread the word about my presentations so that maybe next year I can come back again through some other festival and bring my storytelling thunder to a WHOLE lot more kids.


  3. ❤Wow. I’m reading sinking deeper with a group of friends and I love it. If I had to rate the book out of ten I would give it a 10+/10❤


    • Yay! Thanks kindly, Annmarie. You’ve just made my day!


    • I’m glad to hear you’re loving the book. I am AWFULLY proud of that novel. Let me know how you like it when you finish it up. Any reviews you folks feel like leaving over at Amazon or Kobo – when they get their review system back up and running later this month – would be MUCH appreciated.


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