Chicken Dancing – March 17, 2005

Buck, buck, buck, bacaawww…
I’m kind of excited about the DEATHGRIP 3: EXIT LAUGHING anthology. It pays cash, he’s mailing the check, (in the pay-on-publication-or-thirty-days-after-p

ublication-or-whenever-it-goddamn-well-pleases-us-publicated-or-not-suckah limbo that so many of us find ourselves in, Walt’s stand-up-straight-forwardness is particularly refreshing), and the folks I’ll be standing with.

We’re talking John Burks and Robert Lee, Jeff Strand, Steven Shrewsbury, and some up and coming fellow by the name of William F. Nolan. Yup, William “Your-life-clock’s-blinking” F. Nolan of Logan’s Run fame has submitted and sold a brand new tale to DEATHGRIP 3: EXIT LAUGHING.

Any of you who’ve read Nolan’s short story collection from Leisure a year or so ago know that this fella can really write.

I’m stoked.

* * *

In further news, have a look-see at the latest review for LONG HORN, BIG SHAGGY. C. Dennis Moore of CAMDIGAN fame has reviewed the novella in The Swamp, right here –

Hope that link works.

Yours in horror,
Steve Vernon


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