Another Poetry Sale – March 6, 2005

Is it Palm Sunday Already…??
Whew. I just got back from a wild full-tilt palm reading session for over sixty women, talking six hours straight. Had an O’Henry bar for dinner. Not good. But it was a great gig. Had a lot of fun.

* * *

Had some good news this morning. My poem, “The Memory Of Burning Bone”, deemed too extreme for two popular genre mags has been purchased by THE VACANT FUNHOUSE. This is a new e-zine that’s going live on Monday. Here’s a bit of info, (it pays pro-rates).

(2013 note – the Vacant Funhouse closed down very shortly after they paid me for the poem)

I owe this sale to Judi Rohrig at Hellnotes. If I hadn’t read of this market in Hellnotes, (and nowhere else), I wouldn’t have sold this poem. Thanks Judi.

* * *

Some other good news. My story “Jugular” has officially made the preliminary ballot for the Stoker awards. There’s still a lot of hoops to jump through before they declare a winner, but I’m tickled pink to see it there. My collection, NIGHTMARE DREAMS, is running in the best collection category. NIGHTMARE DREAMS is up against Keene, Clegg, Lebbon, Arnzen, Masse, Monteleone and a half dozen others I can’t think of. Against competition like this I’m not holding my breath. But what the hell. Even if I don’t get picked Prom Queen, there’s nothing to stop me from dancing my ass off.

Thanks to everyone who recommended my two works. I really, really appreciate the show of support guys. Now if only we can pool or funds and orchestrate a bribe for the tallyman…

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I can whine about the weather, maybe. It’s gorgeous today, but the red stuff is dropping tomorrow, cold and wet and snowy all week long. What the hell.

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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