I Want To Be A Part of it – March 2, 2005

I want to be a part of it….
New York, New York!!!

Yup, it looks like I’m going, barring unforeseen circumstances. Catch you all the WHC. My wife treated me to a very early birthday present, springing for the hotel and registration fee. I’ve got Air Miles for travelling. I’m packing at least three manuscripts. I’m hitting the Big Apple, loaded for bear. Chewing gum and kicking ass and running out of bubblegum fast! The hotel suite is reserved, the registration charged – I’m committed. (or I ought to be).

Anybody who gets there catch my reading. Shake hands with me at the autograph session, (when you get bored hobnobbing with Joe Lansdale, F. Paul Wilson, Peter Straub, Jack Ketchum and all the others). Look for me at the Poetry Slam. Find me near any bar, getting drunk editors drunker.

* * *

Hands up everybody who watched LOST tonight. Wow, what an intriguing show. It just keeps getting weirder by the minute. Can’t wait to see how this all comes together.

Hurley was really great tonight. Rolling through the universe like a Hawaian Buddha. Locke is better than ever, what he did for the pregnant girl. Aw, dang, who cares that he wants to stay on the island. (if they could guarantee me internet access, I’d want to stay on the island).

This is really a kickass show.

* * *

It’s been a busy week for reviews. A couple at Horrorworld on Monday, a new one at Cemetery Dance Weekly today. I reviewed Bloodletting Press’s SIREN PROMISED, by Jeremy Robert Johnson and Alan Clarke. Definitely worth checking out.

Be sure to have a look at next week’s Cemetery Dance Weekly for my article and/or interview on Hard Case Crimes. They’re a brand new company with a line of dark noir novels written and published in the style of the old Gold Medal Brand pulp mysteries. They’ve also been lucky enough to bag a brand new Stephen King novel, THE DAKOTA KID. Seems they sent him their line-up of books and asked Mr. King for a blurb, and he said he was fresh out of blurbs could he write them a novel instead? In any case, this company is definitely worth checking out. Their first release, Lawrence Block’s GRIFTER’S GAME had an ending that was absolutely horrifying. Knock your socks off kind of stuff.

Stuff? What the fuck is stuff? I’ll tell you. It’s a sign that it’s getting too late to write coherently. I’m calling it quits for tonight.

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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