Snow and Blow – March 1, 2005

Well the weather hit us, but not as hard as it’s hit some folks. The snow is blowing, and there’s a lot of mixed rain, and the wind is blowing hard enough to blast the tattooes off of a fat man’s back, but we’re hanging in here. They closed the schools for kids who had to bus in, but Connor (my stepson) is in walking distance and they decided to keep the schools open for pedestrians. Seems they’ve lost so many snowdays they couldn’t keep it closed any longer. Groovy. This gives me time to get some work done.

So why the hell am I farting around at Live Journal? Good question.

Well, it could be I wanted to share my two new reviews with you. Click on over to and have a look at my reviews on DARK DISCOVERIES magazine, and Joe Lansdale’s upcoming release from Night Shade Books DEAD IN THE WEST.

Or maybe to tell you that a certain big shaggy Nova Scotia horror writer might actually be able to drag his butt down to WHC in New York this year.

More later…


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