Homeless Entries – February 28, 2005

Replacing Lost Entries…
Dang, I hate that. Last night, right after the Oscars finished up I calmed down by coming downstairs and checking my e-mail, and placing a journal entry recording my reactions to the Oscars. Then I must have hit the wrong button, (it was one am), and deleted the whole entry into the subether. I can imagine that entry right now, sitting on the corner of the infobahn, with a sign that says HELP: I AM HOMELESS, http://www.whatdoIdo?

Ah well.

I love the Oscars. I try and sit up for them every year. This was the first year I hadn’t seen any of the movies that were in the money, (with the exception of Spider-Man 2). Still, I enjoyed the pomp and ceremony. Chris Rock had some funny lines, Sean Penn is going to get indignant over Rock’s warm-up monologue, and all is well.

I enjoyed the new streamlined approach, presenting some awards onstage with the finalists already lined up and waiting, presenting some awards directly in the audience, and some in the balconies. I kept waiting to see Chris Rock lob the Oscar at somebody “Yo homey, here’y’go!”. A little less pompous, but I thought it worked for them.

I wasn’t as crazy with their choice to have Beyonce perform most of the songs that were nominated for best song. She’s a popstar, without the chops to carry some of the tunes she attempted. My favorite moment was when Antonio Banderas and Carlo Santana teamed up to render the winning tune, the theme from The Motorcycle Diaries. Banderas isn’t that great of a singer, but you could sense the heart and passion that he felt for the song, and the two performers, Santana and Banderas, connected with a remarkably soulful presentation. Beyonce was way too stylized, way too pretty to have any kind of soul.

Afterwards, when the songwriter came up to accept the Oscar, rather than trying to spout a bunch of stammering thank-yous he sang the first verse of the song again, letting his work speak for him. I thought it was one of the classiest acceptance speeches, and it worked surprisingly well.

The big money awards were nicely split between THE AVIATOR, RAY, and MILLION DOLLAR BABY. I enjoyed that as well. Those big sweeps can be kind of boring after a while. It was good to see Eastwood grab Best Director.

Well, that’s as far as memory takes me. I’m certain I wrote a lot more, but so be it. These things happen for a reason.

Maybe my journal entry was edited by the Academy for being overly long.

Dang, I forgot to thank my mother…

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon

PS: It was a great show, shorter than ever, only went until 1am, Eastwood bagged Best Director, the chick who played Katie Hepburn in The Aviator got best supporting actress, Jamie Fox took Best Actor for RAY, Hilary Swank – the girl from BOYS DON’T CRY took best actress for her role in MILLION DOLLAR BABY, Morgan Freeman got best supporting actor, the music from MOTORCYCLE DIARIES (performed in an absolutely Latin-rocks-your-asses fashion by Antonio Banderas and Carlo Santana) took best song, SPIDERMAN 2 got a technical award, and THE INCREDIBLES took best animation.

Beyonce butchered and bastardized 80% of the tunes, (I think she had some kind of exclusive contract with the Oscars, money so out the window).


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