More secrets – February 23, 2005

…big hopping horny-assed secret…
Hot damn! I just got an e-mail from a very well-known pro-rate horror mag that I’ve been trying to get into for over a year. They’ve accepted a story, conditionally, depending on how they like the fix-it job we mutually perform. I’m mailing a hard copy of the story to them tomorrow, and once they get it they’ll edit it, and if I can jump eight feet in the air performing a triple somersault straight through my ringpiece, we’ll be in business.

Can’t name names for another month or so, but definitely color me big time excited.

* * *

On the other side of the fence I revised that story I was working on yesterday, and sent it off to another magazine. I’ve still got nearly twenty stories out there. Everyday just crackles with possibility.

* * *

Anybody see LOST tonight? I’m just guessing, but I think that little Korean lady was getting set to take a long swim. It did not look like a happy scene to me. She stepped into the sea, carelessly letting her towel blow away, like she’d never see it again, and Hurley’s walkman died.

Anybody else have any opinions to how this plays out?

* * *

This Friday I’m sitting down to work on a couple of reviews. One for Horror Fiction Review, on an upcoming vampire collection from Undaunted, by that up and comer, C. Dennis Moore. More news later. Haven’t decided what I’m going to send Horrorworld, but I owe them one as well.

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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