Peeing In The Sea – February 8, 2005

Pissing In The Atlantic…?
Just a note to tell you folks about a short interview that appears in the brand new HUGO HORROR newsletter. It’s called “Steve Vernon – Pissing In The Atlantic”. Not sure if I understand the title, although I do say the word piss, and Halifax’s sewer system does flow directly into the Atlantic, but here it is.
(insert dead link here)
* * *

I should talk a bit more about my experiences with POD. I’ve enjoyed the run I’ve had with LONG HORN, BIG SHAGGY, from Black Death Books. It’s selling steadily at Shocklines and Amazon. The folks behind, (Black Death Books), did supply me with contributor’s copies and worked extra hard to make certain I had my promotional shipment of books in time for my launch.

I was less happy with the other company I worked with. They need to do a lot more promotional work, put out less books, less anthologies, and concentrate on promoting and selling more. They need to get there books in bookstores, in Amazon, they need to get out there.

So, a mixed review, but the fact is I’m ready to move on. POD publishers don’t show up in that many bookstores. I want to get in with a traditional publisher with a strong marketing department, that bookstores are already willing to accept. A publisher with a return policy, so that bookstores aren’t afraid of being stuck with copies. I want a company that folks will be able to walk into a bookstore in Texas and ask for a copy of my book and be told that a) it’s all ready on the shelf, or b) we can order that for you.

So I wouldn’t recommend it as a place for a writer to linger.

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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