Surpise – You’ve Got Sale – February 05, 2005

SURPRISE!!! – You’ve Got Sale…
Hot damn. I just recieved a surprise phone call from a lady in the Saskatoon Writer’s Guild, who wanted to purchase an article I’d printed in the Nova Scotia Writer’s Federation newsletter, Eastword. Ten cents a word, for something I’d originally written as a “just-doing-my-bit-to-help-out” article. I’m very excited.

* * *

I’ve had a productive day. Finished a review and sent it off to CD Weekly. Don’t know if they can use it, they’ve got a glut on review from last month’s “cattle call”, (I’m not “beefing” about the “cattle call”. It’s how I got started, too.), and they’re having to be a little picky about which review sees print. Still, if CD Weekly doesn’t buy it, somebody else will. My range is extending. I’m juggling deadlines as fast as I can. A couple have slipped, but I’m hoping they’ll pull through all right. It’s a whole new experience for me, being this busy. I’m loving it.

I finished my Tarot column for February and sent it off to the editor. Wrote, (in collaboration with my ex-chef wife, Belinda), a recipe for salami for an anthropophagic cookbook that The Meat Socket is putting out in their next issue, and continued work on the rough draft of my latest story. My protagonist is currently negotiating with the world’s largest lady-of-ill-repute, and the end is but a few pages off. I should finish scribbling the draft tomorrow, and begin hammering on it next week.

* * *

It looks like a good evening ahead. My wife has placed a couple of my favorite red beers in the fridge, (they’re large and strong and chewier than Guinness), and I’m riding a fine high wave of smug accomplishment, and the weather’s been warm all week, (KNOCK WOOD, KNOCK WOOD!). It’s shirt sleeve weather outside, (if you’re hardy), and yet just last week my beard was freezing over. Who can tell?

Talk to you later.

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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