Better Than a Kick In the Gong Show – February 2, 2005

…better than a kick in the gong show…
Not a lot to say today. The telephone’s screwed up, and I’m waiting for the repairman. Trying to stay sunny and optimistic.

Just wanted to put in a plug for a new chapbook coming out by Novello Publishing.

Check out Mark Justice’s review and my review, the pair of us squared off like the participants of a Texas barbed wire death match, in back-to-back reviews of a chapbook consisting of back-to-back tales of scrotal terror – TWO TWISTED NUTS.

Then scroll down to the third review and read Horrorworld’s opinion of LONG HORN, BIG SHAGGY.

Check it all out here…

* * *

And as a side note, let me post an article that somebody posted at Shocklines.

Consider the vanity of the buffalo…

Strange News – AP

Buffalo Roams Into Center’s Dressing Room

1 hour, 19 minutes ago Strange News – AP

RAPID CITY, S.D. – A buffalo that escaped from an auction ended up in a dressing room at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center where it spent a couple of hours staring into a mirror.

The buffalo jumped over a steel panel during the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo on Sunday morning, went down an alley and got into the dressing room reserved for visiting sports teams, said Brian Maliske, the civic center’s general manager.

“The door happened to be unlocked and he pushed the door open and went in,” Maliske said.

The crew conducting the Black Hills Classic Buffalo Sale decided to keep the animal locked in the dressing room for the rest of the auction. During its two hour stay, it reportedly became fascinated with the image it saw in a big mirror.

Once the sale ended, a rodeo crew member coaxed the buffalo out of the dressing room and back into captivity.

The animal never got into a public area, Maliske said.


Information from: Rapid City Journal,

I can picture that poor old hump, standing in a sweat-sock stinky environment, staring at the mirror and wondering how lucky he was gonna get…

Turned out the telephone trouble was streetwide. A waterleak had shorted a critical wire. Everything’s back in running order and it didn’t cost me a dime.

Dodged a bullet, yes indeed.

Still, I spent the good part of the day sitting in my upstairs waiting to hear from a repairman. Can’t hear the front door from my basement office. I’d run a speaker down there, but I’ve got so many wires hooked up down here I feel as if I’m drowning in vinyl-coated spaghetti.

I drafted a new story while sitting on the easy chair. Have started typing it up, now.
Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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