But That Would Be Inhuman – January 14, 2005

But That Would Be Inhuman…
Wow. What an eventful evening.

I started out the morning typing. I’m still working on retyping that novel draft, prior to revising it. 85,000 is a lot to type.

Then a long slow day at work. January is a slow month for palm reading. No tourists, and everybody is recovering from the ho-ho-hemmorhage.

I bought a set of Star Trek videos today. I hadn’t planned to buy them, but when I mentioned seeing them to my wife, she insisted. Pulled the cash from her mad money. It was a great buy. All 79 episodes of the original Star Trek, on 79 separate VHS tapes for $150.00. The used bookstore had originally been asking $400.00, but needed to clear them. I guess it’s hard to sell VHS these days. DVD is taking over. Now all I need is a new bookshelf to store them on. The banana box they came in clashes with the living room’s decor.

There were two advance review copies in the mail. Siren Promised and Gothic Wine. I’m really excited about Siren Promised, from Bloodletting Press. Illustrated by Alan Clarke. It looks gorgeous. I decided to start it next week, after I finish the couple of books I’d planned to read. Then I took a look at the first page. Now I’m 25 pages in. A mad fever dream of a book. Really worth picking up. It’ll be available soon, and sold out faster than beer in a heat wave.

Later this evening I found out my short story “Jugular” has recieved a recommendation for a Stoker. It still needs 4 more, and is not likely to get them, and I don’t really care. It’s just cool to know somebody enjoyed the darn thing. It’s a little different from what I usually write. Definitely weird, and bizarre, and twisted.

I just got the final bit of news. INHUMAN magazine, (the #1 bestselling magazine at Shocklines for 2004), has just bought my WWII kamikaze-daikaju short story “I Know Why The Sea Tastes Of Salt”. My first fiction sale of the new year. I’m very excited. INHUMAN’s a new magazine, but it’s one that folks are going to be talking about for a while. It’s line-up for the next year includes Robert Silverberg (2), Jeffrey Thomas, Donald Burleson, Paul Finch, John Carpenter, C.J. Henderson, James Chambers (the first issue’s lineup), Shikhar Dixit, Michael Laimo, Don D’Ammassa, Brian Lumley, Joe Lansdale (2), Ed Bryant, Brian Keene, Tim Curran (2), Kevin J. Anderson, Barry Malzberg, Mike Resnick, Mark McLaughlin, Joe Nasisse, Tom Monteleone, Ramsey Campbell, Melanie Tem, Bruce Boston, Amy Grech, Lois Gresh, Elizabeth Massie, Stephen Mark Rainey, Tina Jens, Kealan Patrick Burke, Darrell Schweitzer, Gerard Hournar, Mary SanGiovanni, Cullen Bunn, and others. Look for this one. It’s definitely going to be a winner.

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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