Thunderbirds Are Go! – January 9, 2005

Resident Evil 2, Return To Sender
I watched Resident Evil 2 last night. Didn’t see a whole lot of it, but I watched it. Too fast, too noisy, not enough plot, and some of the worst choreographed fight scenes I’ve ever watched. Don’t bother with this one. Rent the first one, and make up the sequel in your mind.


Thunderbirds Are Go!
Just finished watching the new live action DVD THUNDERBIRDS: THE MOVIE.

Just like old times. Parker, Lady Penelope, the Tracy’s and all of the rest. Jonathan Frakes did a great job putting this tribute together. For fans of the old television show, (Fireball XL-5, Stingray, Johnny Five, and THUNDERBIRDS), you’ll want to check this out. Pop up some hot buttered popcorn, crack a cold cream soda, bury your maturity with your in-law’s telephone number, and enjoy.

F-A-B Thunderbirds, out.

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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