A Good Day Off – January 7, 2005

A Good Day Off
Nothing profound, just a great Friday off. Got up this morning and subbed a short short. Then I revised a poem. Finished the final draft on a 2500 word tale and dropped it in the mail. (most of what I submit I submit electronically, but there are still a few markets that will only look at snailmail. I went to the post office and bought myself a new calender at a nifty little kiosk. Pretty pictures of stars and moons with some nifty sayings. I bought it because of a quote about the terminator.

Started mapping out 2005. Discovered I had a gig in a couple of weeks that I thought wasn’t happening until February. Found out I have a whole week off in mid-February. It means less income at a critical time of the winter, but by then I’ll be ready for a long spree of writing.

Sent another story off to a cash-paying anthology this afternoon. It had been laying idle in my back file for a while, but I spotted the perfect market for it, just by accident.

I love the feel of sending things out. Nothing like that insane rush of confidence that unfailingly comes to you when you send something off. “They’ll buy this. They have to buy this. It’s fucking brilliant. They’re going to love it.” It’s a little like dating, that way. You take a look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself you’re an animal. Make a few muscles and sniff your cheap drugstore cologne.

Thank God I’m married and can afford Drakkar Noir.

Tonight the whole family watched Shaun of the Dead. What an insanely wonderful movie. I get worried when I go to watch something too many people have raved about. So many times it turns out to be so much hyped-over-crap.

Then came Shaun of the Dead. I totally enjoyed it. Empathised with the characters, enjoyed the chemistry, loved the action, belly laughed over the humor. Juicy and wet, the way good British humor is. Dry as the Gobi, the way that good British humor is. If there was an Acadamy Award for Year’s Best Horror Movie I’d give it to Shaun of the Dead, hands down. It’s brilliant.

I raved a lot more about this, but then I decided to turn it into a review. I’ve got this feeling someone’s going to love this.


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