New Year’s Resolutions – January 2, 2005

Wow. I just finished the final revisions my novel manuscript. I’m going to let it sit for a few weeks, in hopes that a couple of the larger markets that I’m expecting answers from in January will come through for me. This novel is something large and special and I don’t want to waste my shot at the market. There’s a couple of good reviews that are supposed to come out this month as well. Hopefully they’ll help fatten my submission package.

I have an ideal strategy in mind, but there’s a couple of pieces that need to shake down into place. In the past I’ve screwed things up by jumping too quickly. Let’s see if this plays out, or if I’m just playing chicken shit.

In the meantime I’m going to sit back and breath for the rest of the day. Just dragged out the Christmas tree, and I’m waiting for my wife and stepson to finish taking down the rest of the odds and sods. We plan to watch Hellboy and either order out or go out for pizza. A small celebration, in honor of a work that I’ve been beating on for longer than I can remember.

I spent the New Year’s healing up from a cold and watching the entire run of Friday the 13th movies. I was surprised to realize that there were a couple I’d missed, including JASON GOES TO HELL (part IX). I had planned to journal a bit of a retrospect, but decided it might make a good article. So instead of jotting it down in my journal I sent off a query to a genre newsletter. Will keep you posted.

That’s the problem with this business. Nothing to do but talk about smoke and pipedreams. Geez, maybe I’ll sell this, and if I finish that, maybe I can get to that and possibly that will happen.

I should have been a plumber. Then I could weld two hunks of pipe together, point at them and say “That’s a pipe weld.”. The creative life has little to lend to the material world.

2005 has begun, and now we’ll see. In the meanwhile, there’s always 2006 to hope for.

Personal resolutions? I’d like to lose ten pounds or so. Nothing else springs to mind.

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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