Happy New Year – January 1, 2005

HAPPY NEW YEAR, one and all
We had a wonderful new year last night. For starters we went to an afternoon matinee of The Phantom Of The Opera. Wow. What a wonderful movie. They spared no expense on the lavious sets, and the cinematography was wonderful. A great decadent treat of a movie, it’s sure to bag best musical or some such Oscar. Sure the story was ancient, but it worked, in my eyes.

On our way home we stopped at our favorite video store, hit their resale bin and dug up (amongst others) a copy of CANDYMAN and a copy of FRIDAY THE XIII, PART 9.

Then we came home and Belinda stewed up a couple of happy lobsters. There’s nothing more satisfying than ripping one of these bad boys open and dipping the meat in melted butter. So good with beer. I drank a bottle of Hobgoblin Red Beer, a thick chewy red ale that really hits the spot, and we settled in on our case of Wildcat – a cheap little ale that is surprisingly good.

Then we hunkered down in our living room for a Friday XIII marathon. We watched the first four in the series, (thanks to Belinda for buying me the boxed DVD set).

At midnight we paused. Belinda opened the back door and I opened the front to let the old year out and the new year in. I banged a pot and the railing and shouted HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New Year’s is always special for us. Our first date happened on a New Year’s Eve, and I proposed to Belinda on a New Year’s Eve. Someday I’ll tell you the story of that, but for now I think that’s enough of an entry.

Hope you folks have a great new year. I look forward to 2005, and I hope it brings everyone else a spirit of optomistic joy. Not just the writers out there, but anyone who bends their back and totes a load, who sits behind a desk and wonders – “How long o lord, how long?”. Anyone with kids and without. Anyone with cats, or without. Anyone in jail, or otherwise alive. Anyone who is trying to turn a new leaf, or simply guild an old. It’s great to be alive.

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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