The Remnants of Christmas

The Remnants of Christmas
Well, it’s fifteen minutes past Christmas, and I’m up with an itchy throat. Going to do a bit of revisions, but thought I’d drop a post here.

I finished reading Ed Lee’s GOON a day or so ago. A bit like a poorly written stroke book. I had fun with it, but got a little bored with all of the banal smut jokes. That’s not the “over-the-top” experience I was looking for. I wanted a bit more of the “booga-booga”. Not scenes of the protagonist repeatedly beating off. We barely got to see GOON in action.

Earlier this year Jack Ketchum’s OFF SEASON brought it home for me in fine form. Ketchum’s writing, as neat and precise as a tombstone engraving, really socked me in the guts. He scraped the bottom of the cooking pot and showed us the gruesome gore without ever appearing “tasteless”. I can express nothing but constant and unfailing admiration for Ketchum’s eye and craftmanship.

For Christmas I recieved the complete collection of Friday XIII movies. A guilty pleasure I’ll admit, but when it comes to the chop-em-ups, nobody does it like Jason Voorhees. I can’t wait to wade through these gore-filled beauties.

My wife bought me a copy of Steve King’s DARK TOWER. Now I have to find a way to afford the rest of the final four. I have been waiting for the trade paperback to come out.

I also recieved a DVD of The Alamo. This movie died at the box office, but I consider it a tarnished masterpiece. There’s a lot that needs fixing in this film, but the bits that ain’t broke are pearls beyond price.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to anybody out there crazy enough to be reading this stuff. This whole Live Journal experience is a bit of a wierd circle-jerk, but what the hell isn’t on this nonstop freeway they call the internet?

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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