The Subject is Subject to Change

The Subject Is Subject To Change
Hmm. It’s just past midnight by my clock. A fine time to enter in my journal.

I finished STILL LIFE WITH CROWS a few days ago. I wasn’t happy with the ending. Found it a bit too simplistic and easy to predict. Still, it was a fun read and I’m really looking forward to hunting up the previous book in the series – CABINET OF CURIOSITIES.

I watched the DVD of I, Robot tonight. It didn’t suck as badly as I thought it would. Aside from the gratuitous shots of a depressingly buff Will Smith, (that man found more excuses to take his shirt off in a movie…), I enjoyed myself. A fun ride, and the robot revolution was chilling. I’m going to have to hunt up Asimov’s original book now. I read it when I was very young, and don’t have a copy.

On the writing front I’m still banging away on the final draft of the novel I’m working on. I’ve got a couple of short stories in various stages of completion. The ghost story collection is a quarter completed. I’ve sent a partial to the publisher, and they still seem very keen. It’ll be so cool, getting out of POD.

I’m being interviewed by big Bill Schnarr from out west for website that should be launching January 2005. Interviews are always fun, and the publicity never hurts. Will tell you more as news progresses.

I recieved a friendly e-mail that let me know that my fiction collection NIGHTMARE DREAMS has recieved a couple of recommendations for a Stoker, which is sort of like qualifying for the long short list, or akin to being asked to be an audience member at a Dr. Phil show. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited, but a rec is a long way from a nomination is a hell of a long way from a win. Winning a Stoker doesn’t happen overnight and I have no illusions.

I’m still waiting to hear back on a dozen or so short stories that are pushing through the slush heaps of several pro-mags and anthologies. I’ve got a hunch I’m not going to hear from most of them until next year. I don’t mind waiting. Lots of writing to do in the meantime.

2005 will be a very good year, I think.

One of my necklaces is now gracing the neck of the Lieutenant Governor General of Nova Scotia, another on local television celebrity Duane Lowe. Sales at the gallery have been rather slow, but it’s been a poor year all the way around for jewelry sales. Folks seem to have less money for luxuries these days. Oh well, better days ahead.

Well, I’m beginning to bore myself here, so I’ll sign off for now.

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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