Blow out the candle

Blow out the candle
Well it’s past midnight, and I ought to get some sleep. Got a fair bit of writing done over the weekend. Mailed a story off to a pro-mag. Mailed a novel query to an agent. Clambered several chapters deeper into my novel revision. Plotted a bit further in another novel/novella/don’tknowyet.

My wife, son and I watched Tom Hanks in THE LADYKILLERS tonight. I nearly ruptured myself laughing. It’s a funny bit of film making. Now I’m definitely going to have to check out the original movie.

I tried to mail one of my buffalo to my first prize winner, but found out that do to border-crossing restrictions and hyped-up security you now need a telephone number as well as an address to mail a large parcel. A pain in the ass, but that’s the way the world is turning. Big Brother is definitely out there. How long before I need a retina scan to enter cyberspace, a DNA check to make a phone call?

I finished reading OFF SEASON the other day. What a kickass piece of writing. I thought it was going to be a nonstop grossout, with hillbillies and blood streaming, but it was a lot more serious than that. Very gripping, very real. I’ll have to read it again, in a month or two.

I’m reading STILL LIFE WITH CROWS, right now. Kind of a cross between Sherlock Holmes, Rambo, and The Man With No Name. Definitely worth reading.

Yours in horror,

Steve Vernon


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